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Speed Up Vocabulary is a student - centered practice book for beginners. It is suitable for use in the classroom or for home study. Many linguists consider vocabulary development to be more important than learning grammar, asserting that lexical items carry more meaning than grammatical structures and that one can survive in the target language community with a dictionary but not with a grammar book. They view comprehension as directly dependent on the ability to recognize the meaning of key words in a sentence. Therefore vocabulary development, especially for beginning level students with limited grammar knowledge, plays a crucial role in language acquisition. Key words in each unit are coloured for better recognition and represented with a picture. Every key word is contextualized in two sentences describing the pictures. In these sentences, the students are also introduced to the verbs, adjectives and adverbs that can be used in the same context with the key words. Both the sentences and words in isolation are recorded on tape so that the students will be exposed to a maximum amount of input for greater comprehension.