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Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Past Perfect Continuous Tense




  • Affirmative (+):           S + had been + V-ing + O.
  • Negative (-):                  S+ hadn’t been + V-ing+ O.
  • Interrogative (?):       Had + S + been V-ing + O ?




  • Past Perfect Continuous Tense indicates a past action which started in the past and continued to happen after another action and time in the past.
  • Namely, Past Perfect Continuous Tense tell us “how long the action had continued”. ” the duration of the action”  is emphasized more in this tense.




Affirmative (+) 


  • I had been running.
  • You had been running.
  • He had been running.
  • She had been running.
  • It had been running.
  • They had been running.
  • We had been running.

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Negative (-)


  • I hadn’t been running.
  • You hadn’t been running.
  • He hadn’t been running.
  • She hadn’t been running.
  • It hadn’t been running.
  • They hadn’t been running.
  • We hadn’t been running.


Interrogative (?)


Past Perfect Continuous Tense: Usage and Useful Examples