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Linking Words

Linking Words | Key Words for Writing in English 


English Grammar - Master in 30 Days 

This book is a comprehensive reference on the subject of English Grammar. It is organized into easy to master lessons with examples that are easy to understand. The working formula is to use just 30 minutes of your time every day for only 30 days in order to achieve our goal of mastering the topics. Do not skip the examples and exercises. It is also good to practice daily what you have learned when writing like articles, reports and in your daily conversations.  Take charge and be on your way to mastering the English Language.


Linking Words


Expressing Opinion


  • In my opinion…
  • In my view…
  • From my point of view…
  • It seems to me that…
  • I feel…
  • I realize…
  • I imagine…
  • It appears that…
  • To my way of thinking…




  • Similar to
  • In common
  • Either … or
  • Neither … nor
  • Just as
  • As … as
  • Also
  • In the same way
  • At the same time




  • Generally, Overall
  • In general, Basically
  • I believe, As a rule
  • By and large
  • All things considered
  • Essentially, On the whole
  • It seems to me that
  • All in all
  • Generally speaking


Giving Example


  • For example
  • Such as
  • As
  • That is
  • For instance
  • Namely




  • However
  • On the contrary
  • Differ from, even though
  • Although, though
  • Otherwise, But
  • Instead, alternatively
  • On the other hand (on the other hand synonyms)
  • Certainly
  • Doubtless
  • Definitely
  • Undoubtedly
  • No doubt
  • Of course 


Linking Words | Key Words for Writing in English