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Wynne Wong, Stacey Weber-Feve, Edouard Ousselin, Bill VanPatten
Liaisons: An Introduction to French

LIAISONS is an innovative beginning-level French program firmly grounded in principles of communicative language teaching and research in second language acquisition. Components of the program are carefully linked together, showing students how they can make connections with their classmates, their instructor, their community, and the French-speaking world. With an engaging mystery film shot on location in Montreal, Quebec, and Paris, the program provides a rich array of communicative activities designed to stimulate interaction inside and outside the classroom. The underlying pedagogical framework in LIAISONS asks students to first discover new vocabulary and grammar through different mediums, then connect form and meaning through a set of confidence-building activities, and finally, actively create language.

DK French Dictionary

These DK books are a convenient, affordable source of information that fits perfectly in a knapsack or a briefcase or as ready reference on a desk. The DK Concise Encyclopedia is an illustrated guide to the world around us and the DK Dictionary/Thesaurus offers definitions plus synonyms for thousands of words. For those interested in foreign languages, DK Spanish Dictionary and DK French Dictionary offer a world of homework and conversational help!

There are over 50,000 words and phrases in this wonderful French to English and English to French Dictionary. Colloquial and technical words are also included. The meanings and usage is clearly explained and there is an easy-to-use pronunciation guide.

The first page shows a few simple rules to remember, like when you see "eh" it will be pronounced "e" as in bed or "ah" will say "a" as in far, but will sound shorter.

To learn useful sentences, more pronunciation and everyday phrases look for "French Phrase Book" by Dorling Kindersley. It has essential words and phrases for travelers.