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Common Mistakes with Adverbs

Common Mistakes with Adverbs

Common errors in the use of adverbs in English.
Incorrect: I am much happy to see you.
Correct: I am very happy to see you.
Incorrect: She plays volleyball good.
Correct: She plays volleyball well.
Incorrect: I felt so lonely.
Correct: I felt very lonely.
Incorrect: The house is enough spacious for me.
Correct: The house is spacious enough for me.
Incorrect: Mark told the story in details.
Correct: Mark told the story in detail
Incorrect: She sang sweet.
Correct: She sang sweety.
Incorrect: He does not know nothing about this matter.
Correct: He does not know anything about this matter.
Incorrect: She was very foolish enough to trust him.
Correct: She was so foolish to trust him. 
Common Mistakes with Adverbs