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10 Fun Ways
10 Fun Ways

10 Fun Ways to Learn and Remember English Vocabulary

Memorizing new words is a big part of learning English. Because of the complex nature of English language, it seems to be very difficult to accomplish.

In this lesson, we will try to give you some fun and easy tips, so you can learn and memorize new English words.

1.READ IN ENGLISH! Read whatever you want. You have many choices. Reading is best way to boost your vocabulary.

2.Watch movies and series with subtitle. It will also help you to master pronunciation of words.

3.Make your own vocabulary flip cards. Write the word on one side and the meaning on the other side. Even designing the cards will help you a lot! 

4.Make word association webs. Our brain takes what we read and makes it into images, ideas, and feelings etc. and then makes connections between what we knew before and the new information. (words and ideas)

5.Try to keep a personal diary for a few days each week.  Add at least 5 new words to your diary every time!

6.Learning the roots of the words is also a good way of permanently etching the words in your mind and in certain cases it may work wonders.

7.Make a crazy story that uses all the words. Picture it in your mind as you make the story. We remember stories easily, especially crazy stories that we can imagine in detail in our minds. Repeat the story and you will remember the words.